A jury of experts

tough but fair

The jury will consist of 3 people: Einar Skjerven, Christian Tänzler and Andreas Tölke.

Einar Skjerven

Einar Skjerven is the founder and CEO of Skjerven Group, a real estate development company working in the Strausberger Platz area. Einar originally comes from Norway, but fell in love with Berlin a long time ago. He sees amazing changes taking place in the city, powered by a unique and unpredictable energy. Experiments are taking place wherever you look, and a new living culture is emerging. He loves to seek out buildings with soul, ambience and history, which makes central Berlin a happy hunting ground.

Christian Tänzler

Christian Tänzler has worked for more than 15 years in the field of public relations. He is a spokesman for visitberlin, and as head of the media relations team he deals with contacts from the international media. The organisation exists to promote Berlin as a destination for conventions and to develop the city’s cultural and tourism profile for the long term.

Andreas Tölke

Andreas Tölke is a journalist through and through. "Tölke brings stories to the world" is his motto. For more than 20 years, from his base in Berlin, he has traveled the world, writing for national and international magazines including Welt am Sonntag/ICON, the New South China Post, La Repubblica and Vogue Australia. His focus is very much on architecture and design. In 2014, Andreas was a jury member for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany.