You want a year’s rent-free living in the Eastern Bloc while writing about life there?

You’ve got to show us you can entertain the readers.

It’s taken for granted that you’re a fan of Berlin, and that you’d love to live here. So, tell us why Strausberger Platz is where you belong. What qualifies you? What talents do you bring? What do you normally do in life? We want to be sure that, like Berlin, you are dynamic, creative, unconventional, communicative, networked and cosmopolitan.

Six finalists will be chosen

selected on the basis of their entries

From among all the entries received, the 6 most promising will go forward for consideration by the jury.

The jury will select

and announce a winner

Only one person can win. The decision won’t be easy, and the jury will be extremely demanding.

The winner will move

in for a rent-free year

Congratulations! Your year at the heart of a truly dynamic city begins. You will live rent-free and extremely comfortably in a 73 square meter apartment with a fantastic view of Karl-Marx-Allee.

Write a blog

and tell the world about your experiences

You will be living in the former East Berlin, in the fashionable borough of Mitte – where all the action, creativity, spontaneity and ideas are going down. Tell us how it feels to be there – about the things you see and the people you meet. Your stories from the Eastern Bloc will appear on the Eastern Blog.